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Saynet Leket Ltd is a private owned company that was established in 2003

The company manufactures and distributes leading brands in the domestic and international markets in the field of electricity,

LED Lighting, technology, power and battery products, computer accessories, and multimedia.


Saynet Leket has been selected by world leading international manufacturer companies as their sole representative in Israel.

The company is located in the north of Israel in ‘Shahak Industries Park’. It owns about 5 acres logistics center and an independent

marketing and distribution network which provides service to thousands of customers from the north to the south Israel. The company's

client base includes government agencies, institutions, hospitals, contractors, television studios, security companies, electrical wholesalers,

and technical suppliers, leading retail chains, computer stores and many more.


The company's vision is to serve as a leading and main indicator in the local market in all the sectors in which it operates, innovation,

creativity to be attentive and fair to all of our customers, and most important of all professional. Thanks to a variety of the best products in

the Israeli market.



Think and create innovation Beyond the quality of the product, the development team is composed of a variety of roles including product

engineers, product designers, graphic designers, professional purchasing personnel, consultants and engineers for lighting and electricity.



Saynet is exclusively marketing an impressive portfolio of international and domestic brands such as FSL, Toshiba, Camelion, NVC,

Omega, Sigma and other brands.


FSL: The largest manufacturer of lamps and lighting fixtures in the world, the company is partially owned by OSRAM.

FSL specializes in manufactures all kinds of lamps and lighting fixturess with an emphasis on professionalism.

FSL recently entered the local market and soon became the most sought after brand in the field of lamps and lighting among the

largest marketers in the industry.


NVC: one of the world's largest concerns in the field of lighting and technology of LED. The company manufactures all types of bulbs and

fixtures at most professional level and uncompromising quality, with emphasis on solutions in the field of industrial lighting, outdoor

lighting and LED street lighting.


CAMELION: The Chinese battery giant, which is distributed worldwide and has international representative offices, manufactures a wide

range of batteries, alkaline batteries, zinc-carbon batteries, button cell batteries, smart chargers that maintain the battery's energy capacity,

and more. CAMELION has chosen SAYNET as its exclusive representative in Israel. 


TOSHIBA: The manufacturer's energy division is exclusively represented by Saynet in Israel. Toshiba batteries are selected annually by the

purchasing departments of the largestbodies in the economy as the highest quality batteries among all the competitors and are purchased

regularly by the Israel Police, hospitals, the Israel Electric Corporation, special units and more.


OMEGA: Omega is Saynet’s private label, which we manufacture and import the best products available today in the lighting and

electricity industry. The Omega brand offers a large verity of light bulbs, spotlights, light fixtures, flashlights, timers, cable reels,

extension cords, multiple outlets, mosquito killers, surge protectors, industrial fans and more. promising innovation, reliability, quality,

new design and incomparable costs in the Israeli market.


SIGMA: Under the brand you can find a wide variety of products in the cellular field, audio and communication cables, computer

accessories, speakers, headphones and more.

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